Turf Producers' Select Seed

Our Turf Producers' Select formulations are produced in blending facilities specializing in sod. The machinery is thoroughly cleaned and inspected between each batch and separate equipment is used for sod Bluegrass or sod Tall Fescue. Turf Producers' Select sod quality assurance continues through shipment as each pallet of sod seed is wrapped and segregated on the truck to further protect against potential cross contamination. With Turf Producers' Select, our attention to detail is second to none.


Crossover™ mixture is formulated with improved Turf-Type Tall Fescues and Kentucky Bluegrass, combining the complimentary characteristics of both. Crossover™ produces the popular Turf-Type Tall Fescue based sod used extensively throughout the transition zone combined with the benefits of Kentucky Bluegrass. Recently, Tall Fescue usage has been increasing farther north into traditional Bluegrass-Ryegrass regions. Crossover™ fulfills the needs of progressive growers who desire to meet the demand for Tall Fescue based turfgrass sod. For golf course roughs, sports turf, lawns, and parks, sod produced from Crossover™ mixture will provide a hardy, heat, and drought tolerant turf with broad genetic diversity.

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Diversity™ Kentucky Bluegrass sod blend will fulfill the needs of your professional turf manager customers who are striving for elite Kentucky Bluegrass performance. It will meet specifications for use on a wide range of jobs: golf course turf, performance sports fields and the most prestigious estate properties. Diversity's formulation includes multiple Kentucky Bluegrass types and category hybrid crosses to provide a greater genetic variability while also reducing the effect of cultivar specific

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Drought Star™

Drought Star™ Bluegrass sod blend is designed for the sod producer whose customers demand better drought performance and better recovery from harsh summer conditions. Drought Star™ is a low-cut Bluegrass formulation and includes our vigorous, rhizome producing Texas x Kentucky Hybrid Bluegrass. Drought Star™ has the heat tolerance potential to push the use of Kentucky Bluegrass farther south to the transition zone and adds summer performance to traditional Kentucky Bluegrass regions.

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Express™ Kentucky Bluegrass sod blend is faster to establish and faster to knit, producing high tensile strength sod. Express™ is formulated for the sod producer whose primary objective is to produce a premium and durable product more quickly to meet market and inventory demands. Express™ is ideal for sports, lawn and landscape, and golf rough applications.

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XALT Seed Enhancement

XALT™ Seed Enhancement is a science-based technology that can help seed reach its genetic potential by improving seedling performance.

XALT is available in several Turf Producer's Select™ sod seed blends and Vitality™ professional seed blends and mixtures.

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