Bentgrass Seed

Bentgrass is able to survive under high-traffic, high-stress conditions and can withstand extremely close cutting heights. Because of these characteristics, it is only natural that Bentgrass is widely used on a variety of golf courses including greens, tees, and fairways. Bentgrass is able to thrive in a variety of climates including cool, transitional, and arid. Bentgrass provides a dense surface resilient to weeds but must be fertilized and watered regularly to avoid harmful diseases and insects.

Bentgrass can be mowed at heights between 1/10 and 1/2 of an inch. It spreads via above ground runners called stolons or tillers (shoots from the crown).

13M Creeping Bentgrass

13M Creeping Bentgrass, Agrostis stolonifera, holds the highest overall final rating in the multi-year National Fairway/Tee test. 13M is similar in appearance to Memorial Creeping Bentgrass. It is a proven performer for interseeding and improving existing tees and fairways. 13M is less prone to scalping than "super-dense' Bentgrasses and has a medium dark green genetic color that blends well with most other Creeping Bentgrass varieties. (2004-2007 data results) 

Seeds/Pound (approximate): 6,000,000, Seeding Rate (pounds/1,000 sq. ft): 1-2

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Center Cut Creeping Bentgrass Blend

Center Cut® is the "best generation" blend for golf course interseeding and new construction. It is agronomically formulated with Memorial and 13M Creeping Bentgrass for genetic diversity, compatible color, density, and texture to blend well when interseeded into existing Bentgrasses such as L-93, Penncross, and similar traditional cultivars.

Seeds/Pound (approximate): 6,000,000; Seeding Rate (pounds/1,000 sq. ft): 1-2 (Inter-seeding), 1-2 (New Seeding)

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Colonial Bentgrass

Colonial Bentgrass, Agrostis capillaris, is a stoloniferous, fine-textured and low-growing grass. It is typically used for turf and reclamation, especially in areas of poor drainage. This perennial turf grass is a native to Europe and is utilized in cool-humid regions of the Pacific Northwest and Northeast. Colonial Bentgrass blends well with Fine Fescues and is slow to establish.

Seeds/Pound (approximate): 5,000,000; Seeding Rate (pounds/1,000 sq. ft): 1.5-2.5

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Highland Colonial Bentgrass

Highland Colonial Bentgrass, Agrostis tenius, is a cool-season, sod-forming perennial grass. This fine-leaved grass forms a close, high quality turf. It is adapted to cool, humid regions and is fairly drought tolerant. Highland performs well on acid soils on which Kentucky Bluegrass will die out. Highland is used primarily as a lawn grass in the Pacific Northwest, the Midwest, and eastern United States. Highland performs well for home lawns and is widely used on golf courses for both fairways and roughs. In areas across the United States, Highland has survived under low maintenance conditions with reduced nitrogen and exhibited excellent turf quality and the ability to survive.

Seeds/Pound (approximate): 6,000,000; Seeding Rate (pounds/1,000 sq. ft): 1.5-3

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Creeping Bentgrass

Creeping Bentgrass, Agrostis palustris, is a stoloniferous, somewhat rhizomatous cool-season, perennial grass. It is typically used for putting greens, bowling lawns and erosion control. Of the cool-season grasses, it is the finest-bladed, lowest-growing, and highest-maintenance. Creeping Bentgrass grows best in full sun but will survive in light shade.

Seeds/Pound (approximate): 6,000,000; Seeding Rate (pounds/1,000 sq. ft): 1-1.5

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Luminary Creeping Bentgrass

Luminary Creeping Bentgrass, Agrostis stolonifera, has displayed outstanding performance under take-all patch pressure and also exhibits optimum color, density, and texture. Luminary is the leading option for versatility and density when inter-seeding existing greens, tees, and fairways as a stand-alone cultivar or in premium performance blends.

Seeds/Pound (approximate): 6,000,000; Seeding Rate (pounds/1,000 sq. ft): 1-2

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Match Play Creeping Bentgrass

Match Play Creeping Bentgrass, Agrostis stolonifera, is the culmination of years of selection, screening, and uniting a diverse array of proven parental clones for improved stress tolerance while purposefully avoiding extremes in color, density, and texture. It is a versatile and compatible Creeping Bentgrass. Match Play is new and improved, but don’t expect it to stand out until others fold under pressure.

Seeds/Pound (approximate): 6,000,000; Seeding Rate (pounds/1,000 sq. ft): 0.5-2 (Inter-seeding), 1-2 (New Seeding)

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Memorial Creeping Bentgrass

Memorial Creeping Bentgrass, Agrostis stolonifera, was "championship proven" on the tees and fairways at Black Wolf Run Golf Course in Kohler, WI, host of the 2012 U.S. Women's Open Championship. Bred at Rutgers University for fine texture and optimum density plus dollar spot performance, Memorial will compliment and improve older generation Creeping Bentgrasses and is also ideal for improving turf quality and enhancing disease resistance in blends. Memorial is an excellent stand-alone variety or as a component of our Center CutTM Blend to provide superior performance couple with premium genetic diversity.

Seeds/Pound (approximate): 6,000,000; Seeding Rate (pounds/1,000 sq. ft): 1-2

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